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For the Dogs

Serving the NH Seacoast

Loving care for your best friend.

Hiking, Walking, Sitting in your home or ours.

We are a devoted dog family with over twenty years of experience attending to our own friendly dogs and countless others.  We draw on over twenty-five years of social work experience with people to provide a quality experience for your dog and excellent customer service for you. 

Our dogs inspired our business

With our first Golden Retriever, who was with us for thirteen years, we walked several miles every day throughout his life.  When he was seven, our twins were born and we needed help!  We could not find a service that met our criteria of being both affordable, and treated our dog the way he was used to being treated. 

Consequently, we had to be creative in fulfilling the daily demands of our active dog, while balancing the needs of our infant children.  This began our daily journey of pushing our double baby stroller, for scores of miles in all the elements, for several years! It has been more than twenty years and we continue to enjoy daily WALKS, and value the many dogs we have met along the way, and the sights we have discovered. 

 Now, with the addition of our Golden Retriever girl, instead of investing more time in finding acceptable care for her, we put our skills to good use and came up with an exceptional dog care program for others.

 Our work with companion animals reflects our genuine love for dogs, a passion for their well-being and our many years of experience.  We are committed to providing the best possible experience for your dog while in our care, and customer service is our priority.

Our commitment to rescue animals

Our dedicated Facebook page links to the Animal Rescue Site’s “Purple Paw” campaign to provide free bowls of food to homeless animals at no cost to you.  Thanks to our loyal contributors, we logged in 1,400 clicks within three months of launching our site.  Each click equals .6 bowls of free food. 2878_84381397544_19387377544_1694758_4605029_s

We volunteer resources to support rescue groups in their efforts to save animals from high kill shelters, abused and neglected animals, and animals in need of homes through no fault of their own.

Our Charitable Affiliations:

The American Humane Society

Animal Rescue Site

Defenders of Wildlife

Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

Humane Society of the United States


Summer of Social Good

The Wilderness Society

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue of New England


Benefits:leash and tennis ball

You will reap the rewards of your dogs’ good behavior. 

Your active puppy will work out, and return home tired and ready to sleep.

Your dog will keep fit, and enjoy the company of other dogs.

We provide TLC to your ailing or senior dog.

Your dog will not miss daily exercise, meals, or breaks when you are away.

A content dog is secure and less likely to act out or suffer anxiety.

black white dog with leash stick sitting in grass 

Call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your dog.  (603)770-5438

Serving the NH Seacoast:  Hampton, North Hamtpon, Hampton Falls, Exeter, Rye, Portsmouth and surronding areas.


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